Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Boys and Bikes : The Ever After Love Story

Boys and Bikes make an inseparable couple, don't they??

Have you ever actually wondered as to when cupid works his magic over them..?? Do you own/know anyone who owns a bike and observed how well they care for it??
or most importantly, Have you ever witnessed the trouble guys go through to get one of these beauties??

Well, I did wonder, all of the above and much more..
And my l'il 1 year old neighbour put an end to my misery...:)

  Are you taking my photo?? Show it to me...  

Make sure you take it from my good side... 

Ooh La La,...where did she come from??  

Hey lady,..why don't you make yourself useful and help me up??

Hellooo beautiful!!!...

Why are you still around?? Haven't you heard the word "privacy"?? 

Oh, you have a picture of me, how romantic..!!!

Why do you need so many buttons??
Wonder what this button does??

I am gonna love you forever !!!

 And history repeats yet again...

and then, she {snapped}


  1. again nicely done pri..very imaginative..:)..like it..

  2. Very true . . :) . . . i miss my bike . . :( . . .gud creativity to come up with these thoughts and tell it thru fotos . . . hats off !! :)

  3. nice gud one :-)

  4. very thoughtful...gud one! :-)

  5. Awesome post Priyadha. Great captures and even better captions.

    From a biker :)

  6. Great post; so cute! Love all of these pics!